Food Hoi An

Hoi An restaurants are plentiful, ranging from makeshift food stalls within Hoi An Central Market to sophisticated establishments with picturesque surroundings. As a prominent tourist destination in Vietnam, Hoi An Ancient Town offers not only delicious local food, but also international fare such as French, Japanese, Spanish, American, and Chinese.

Hoi An is a well-known epicentre for foodies. Dishes are always balanced by yin and yang properties in texture and flavour. The town’s illustrious past has influenced its food with hints of Chinese, French and Japanese styles.

A delicious, refreshing and nutritious sweet soup. Hoi An City attracts tourists relying on its ancient houses, lanterns and various specialties. Besides the local foods, there are many foods that were imported many years ago. Chè mè en (black sesame sweet soup) is very popular for local residents and tourists alike.

Coming to the ancient town of Hoi An, one of the most attractive cities in Asia, tourists can enjoy specialties right on the street. Hoi An used to be one of the busiest cities in Cochin, which conversed the East and West cultures, therefore, the food here is very diverse and abundant.